Staff Contacts

M.C. Cash staff contacts are below. Click on the staff member’s name to be directed to their class webpage if available.

Grade Level/Area Name Room Phone Extension Email Address
Principal Lisa Sandomir A112 3200
Assistant Principal Nicole Goodwin A113 3200
Secretary Delcy Gonzales Office 3201
Attendance Clerk Zayra Reyna Office 3203
Receptionist Dalila Tavizon Office 3200
Health Assoc. Christina Vasquez A103 3206
Counselor Shannon Gregory A109 3208
Psychologist Jillian Shaw  A108 3207
Kindergarten Maria Pilar B107 3237
Kindergarten Anna Hayes B108 3238
Kindergarten Frances Semrinec B105 3216
 Kindergarten Kasey Jackson B106 3236
1st Grade Zelyg Gutierrez D149 3282
1st Grade Megan Clifford D147 3280
1st Grade Nicole Camou D148 3281
1st Grade Sarah Martinsen D142 3275
2nd Grade Makayla Close Haines D143 3276
 2nd Grade Lydia McBride D142 3275
2nd Grade Paula Kirk D146 3279
2nd Grade Nada Sarsour D144 3277
2nd Grade Gabrielle Chilton D141 3274
3rd Grade Samantha Enrique D132 3269
3rd Grade Jamie Garin D133 3270
3rd Grade Alyssa Schulist D135 3272
4th Grade Natalie Naranjo  D132 3269
4th Grade Alichia Russ D129  3256
4th Grade Aubrey Pino D119 3257
4th Grade Lana Serio D134 3271
5th Grade Amber Helms D117 3254
5th Grade Natanya Lund D116 3253
5th Grade Stephanie Hunt D115 3252
5th Grade Andrew Walsh D118 3255
6th Grade Michelle Sawyer  D108 3249
6th Grade English Language Arts Alexandria Harris D106 3247
6th Grade Science John Bradley D109 3250
6th Grade Social Studies Jessica Alcocer D104 3245
7th Grade Victor Mueller D107 3248
7th Grade Eric Weigand D105  3246
7th Grade Math Andrew Drenth D107 3248
7th / 8th Grade Social Studies  Stephen Mathes  D103  3244
8th Grade Math Jeremy Wescott D101 3242
8th Grade English Language Arts Sara McDonough D102 3243
8th Grade Science Cory Steeves  D122 3261
Music Ross Patrick C128 3240
Band Emilio Gonzalez C129 3241
P.E. Gregg Carroll C127 3239
P.E. Matt Epacs C127 3239
Art Jennifer Kuster D121 3260
Computer Int. Spec. Kevin Cox D131 3268
Library Jennifer Schneider A130 3209
Gifted Dept. Rowe Van Meter
Self-Contained Matthew Harrison D125 3218
Self-Contained Patricia Goplin D123 3215
Self-Contained Selena Franklin B101 3231
Resource Lauren DiDonna  D120B 3266
Resource Sarah Mikula  D120A 3258
Resource Christa Tovar  D130A 3266
Computer Technician David Key A132 3072